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Land of Fire expecting massive influx of tourists for New Year

By Aygul Salmanova The world is looking forward to passing over 2017 and embracing 2018! Take along your loved ones with you and complete what you left unfinished in the past year – visit Azerbaijan, medium-sized country in the Caucasus considered both part of Europe and Asia. Most tourists visiting Azerbaijan on New Year holidays…
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More than 8,000 Azerbaijani tourists visit Ukraine every month

More than 8,000 Azerbaijani tourists visit Ukraine every month, according to Ukraine`s State Statistics Committee. A total of 72,102 Azerbaijani tourists visited Ukraine over the past nine months, the committee said. Azerbaijan is among top five CIS states in terms of the number of tourists visiting Ukraine. Moldova, Belarus, and Russia are in the top…
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14 Best Places to Visit in Azerbaijan in 2018

Azerbaijan, in the Caucuses region, is a country that straddles both Eastern Europe and Western Asia, so expect a clash of east meets west and you will find a lot to enjoy here. Located on the Caspian Sea, there are quaint subtropical seaside resorts, or you can embrace Azerbaijan’s name as the Land of Fire…
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